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Iverstine Farm to Open Butcher Shop

Posted March 2 under Press

Iverstine Family Farm will open a full-service butcher shop in Baton Rouge this summer featuring their pasture-raised pork products. We congratulate Galen and Angela on their success and the opportunity to grow their farming business. But don’t despair! They plan to continue participating in the Saturday Market in downtown Baton Rouge. “Yes, we are planning to attend the market every Saturday. We will bring a selection of fresh meats, and offer more value added product such as bacon, sausage, and ham,” said Galen.  Increasing sustainability of local farmers is a core tenant of BREADA’s mission, and we are pleased that Red Stick Farmers Market continues to serve as an incubator for small farmers, providing economic opportunities for sustainable growth.

“The market has been such an important part of our beginning and growth.

Galen Iverstine