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Market Bistro Breakfast Sandwich

Posted under Appetizers & Main Entrees


  • 1 loaf bread, sliced
  • 1 container tabouli (Nur's Kitchen)
  • 2t cilantro pesto (Nur's Kitchen)
  • 3T chef Celeste's honey mustard
  • 1pk smoked sausage
  • 2t garlic olive oil
Strawberry Steen's syrup
  • 1 can steens syrup
  • 2 pints strawberries, cleaned
  • 4 oz Bocage honey

1. Slice and cook sausage.

2. Combine oil,tabouli, chef Celeste’s honey mustard, and pesto.

3. Spread on bread. Top with sausage and tomato.

4. Serve with strawberry steen’s syrup

For the Strawberry Steen’s Syrup

1. Combine all and simmer until berries are soft. Mash berries against the pot, serve warm.