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The Components of Wellness

Posted August 2 in Press

With National Farmers Market Week coming up, it’s important to know why spending time at the market is better for your health! While nutrition does play a large role, it is not the only dimension of well-being. Physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental are the 8 components of overall wellness. A change in…



Summer Squash & Peppers

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What’s Fresh

  •  Fresh Produce at Farmers market

    — What to Expect —





    Red Stick Farmers Market is a producer-only market, which means all of the produce a farmer sells under their tent was grown on their farm.The produce selection will vary depending on the season. Arrive early for the best variety as farmers often sell out by the end of the Market. Continue

  • Farmers Market Parking

    — Parking & Payment —





    Free parking is available at all locations of the Red Stick Farmers Market. All farmers and vendors accept cash and Market tokens. If you would like to use a credit, debit or Louisiana Purchase (SNAP) card, we can swipe them at the Market Information Booth in exchange for Market Tokens. Continue