Who We Are

What is BREADA?

BREADA (/bred-uh/) stands for Big River Economic & Agricultural Development Alliance. We are the nonprofit organization behind the Red Stick Farmers Market. BREADA is based in Baton Rouge, but the "BR" stands for Big River because our farmers and vendors come from 14 parishes across South Louisiana.

Markets Don't Just Happen.

Each one is carefully curated and orchestrated by our staff to create:

  • economic opportunities for farmers and food artisans
  • access to fresh, local food for families
  • a vibrant gathering place for the community

More Than Markets.

In addition to operating four locations of the Red Stick Farmers Market, we also:

  • Advocate for food policy changes at the state and national levels
  • Host farm-to-school activities in three schools
  • Operate Main Street Market six days a week to incubate small businesses
  • Offer nutrition incentives to encourage healthy eating
  • Provide financial assistance to farmers during natural disasters or crises
BREADA Staff in Strawberry Field 2

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a healthy and strong local food system;
to increase the sustainability of independent local farmers,
fishers and food producers, and to foster the stewardship of land
and community through public markets.

Our History

People walking through the BREADA Red Stick Farmers Market
A man handing a woman a bag of produce at the BREADA Red Stick Farmers Market

In 1996, a small group of farmers was recruited for Baton Rouge’s first farmers market by Chris Campany as part of his Master’s thesis under the direction of LSU Landscape Architecture Professor Suzanne Turner. Red Stick Farmers Market was born, and the first market was held in November 1996 in the parking lot of the Government building located on St. Louis Street in downtown Baton Rouge. Big River Economic and Agricultural Development Alliance (BREADA) was officially recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the same year and began its work to increase economic opportunities for small farmers.

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