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BREADA – Cultivating Local Markets

Why Buy Local?

What makes a farmers market special? Why should you shop at a farmers market?

1. Enjoy full flavors

Most produce found at our farmers market was picked within 24 hours. This means that the fruit or vegetable was able to ripen on the vine and fully develop its intense flavor. Have you ever tasted a farm fresh tomato?

2. Eat with the Seasons

Once you start shopping at the market, you’ll learn what grows in Louisiana and when it is in season. You start looking forward to satsumas in the fall and blueberries in the summer.

3. Taste new things

Have you seen a white eggplant, an orange watermelon or a purple tomato? Shopping at the farmers market gives you the opportunity to see unique heirloom varieties that you can’t find in a grocery store. And many farmers offer samples of their products.

4. Support family farmers

Direct sales at farmers markets are crucial for small farmers to remain sustainable. By buying direct from a farmer, you allow them to earn the full retail price instead of competing with large wholesalers. Selling at the farmers markets can account for up to half of their annual income.

5. Preserve farmland

Buying from a farmer allows them to stay in the farming business and stay on their land, which is often handed down through generations. This preserves open green spaces which are often lost to development.

6. Protect the environment

Most food has traveled an average of 1500 miles before it arrives on the grocery store shelf. Purchasing from a local farmer means that your food has not been shipped across the country or continent, therefore saving gas and fuel.

7. Invest in Your Community

Buying local means your dollars stay local. You’ll feel good knowing you are doing your part to support our community.

8. Meet the face who grew your food

The most rewarding part of shopping at the farmers market is the opportunity to be face to face with the hands that grew your food. You can ask them their growing techniques, pick up storage tips and learn new ways to prepare your vegetables.

9. Connect with your community

The farmers market is the heart of our community. You’ll see friends and neighbors and meet new people with common interests. It’s the best place to bring out of town family and guests to show our unique food and culture.

10. Learn new recipes

Watch local chefs prepare delicious recipes inspired by seasonal ingredients each Saturday  at our weekly Fresh from the Market cooking demo and sample the chef’s dish.