Meet BREADA’s Deputy Director: Lisa Gray

Meet BREADA’s Deputy Director: Lisa Gray


1. How long have you been at BREADA?

I have been a part of the BREADA staff for 8 years.

2. Where are you from? 

Baton Rouge, LA

3. Favorite way to use local produce or favorite quick weeknight recipe?

Okra, tomato, shrimp, and smoke sausage

4. Hobby outside of work? 

Fishing, reading, & relaxing

5. How did you get into local food system work?

While obtaining my undergrad degree in Ag Science and Ag Economics at Southern University A&M College I learned more about growing food and animals. My studies helped me become more aware of where, when, and how the food I consumed was produced. A couple of years later, during my tenure with Southern University Ag Center I toured many farming operations (local and commercial) which intrigued my LOVE for local food system even more. Now, approximately 80% of the food consumed in my home is from local producers!

6. What is your must-have at every market? 

Spring season: Green beans

Summer season: Okra, tomatoes, and peaches

Fall season: Sweet potatoes 

Winter season: Any variety of greens and broccoli