Meet BREADA’s Development Director: Allison Tohme

Meet BREADA’s Development Director: Allison Tohme


1. How long have you been at BREADA? 

I just joined the staff in March, but prior to that I was a board member for four years.

2. Where are you from? 

I grew up in Slidell, LA, and the Northshore is home to me.

3. Favorite way to use local produce or favorite quick weeknight recipe? 

Roasted veggies are my go-to. You can take virtually any vegetable, cut it into bite-sized pieces, put it in the oven with oil, salt, and pepper, and it comes out delicious.

4. Hobby outside of work? 

I love to quilt! I made my first quilt eleven years ago, but it wasn’t until last year with the pandemic that I really started to enjoy it, and now I try to sew every day. I’ve completed eleven quilts since March of last year and have several in the works. My mom taught me to sew, and perhaps more importantly, how to shop for beautiful fabric!

5. How did you get into local food system work? 

My background is public health and chronic disease prevention, and I first got into local food systems work in 2013 when I was working at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. I was on a team that evaluated obesity prevention projects across the state, and I began to see the importance of one’s food environment and how complex the American agriculture system is. I found it personally empowering and satisfying to shop directly with farmers and know where my food came from; it made me want to cook more and share food with others. Food is powerful in so many ways, and we all need it. I am proud to say that I spend my days connecting people with food.

6. What is your must-have at every market? 

Eggs! I love to always have eggs on hand at home. They’re so versatile and tasty, and fresh ones are the best.