Meet BREADA’s Program Manager: Alia Ledford

Meet BREADA’s Program Manager: Alia Ledford


1. How long have you been at BREADA?
Mid-January 2022

2. Where are you from? 
I grew up here in Baton Rouge, LA.

3. Favorite way to use local produce or favorite quick weeknight recipe?
I love local food, but I’m not much of a cook. I like to keep it simple, and using fresh food brings incredible flavor. I start by cooking the main protein and I’ll stir fry some quickly chopped veggies and greens in the juices as a side. 

4. Hobby outside of work? 
I love going hiking, backpacking, and camping with my pup. I also love working on DIY projects and making home improvements.

5. How did you get into local food system work?
Right after college, I was fortunate to apprentice with a small vineyard in Murphys, California. The vineyard taught me real skills, and problem-solving, and the encouragement I received for my hard effort ignited a passion. In 2012, I was also hired at a small market farm on a CSA harvest/pack crew. Simply tasting a juicy homegrown tomato or how sweet a carrot grown in nutrient-dense soil taught me what food could taste like. It’s like having great news you want to share. I feel fortunate to work in local food back in my hometown.

6. What is your must-have at every market?
Greens, Eggs, and Milk