Behind the Scenes: Emily Durio

Behind the Scenes: Emily Durio


Behind the Scenes: Emily Durio

1. How long have you been at BREADA?

 I started at BREADA in the middle of this past November. (2021)

2. Where are you from? 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

3. Favorite way to use local produce or favorite quick weeknight recipe?

I love roasting or sauteing all of the fresh vegetables available at the market with a little bit of oil and seasonings — my go-to’s right now are brussels sprouts, spinach, and carrots! I also use spinach to make a quick salad for lunch or dinner. 

4. Hobby outside of work? 

I am a foodie! I often visit local restaurants with friends and family. I also try to stay active and enjoy writing and reading. 

5. How did you get into local food system work?

 I interned at another non-profit with a past employee of BREADA. She connected me to BREADA, and it was quite serendipitous! I started shortly after. 

6. What is your must-have at every market? 

Greens! I also love grabbing baked goods in the morning.